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Our Team

  • RossFounder | Creative Director

    Ross founded Event Junkies in 2010 and now oversees the creative direction and general management of the company. He is also the creator and embodiment of the Event Junkies mantra: “Work Hard, Be Sound.” Ross thinks music and football peaked in the 90s but is still hanging in there nonetheless.

  • KateSenior Producer

    Kate has been with Event Junkies since 2014 and oversees the organization of our shoots from pre-production to delivery as well as trying her best to keep the never-boring EJ office running smoothly. Sometimes, if they're good, she even bakes. Kate also acts as the unofficial office font of useless information. She has recently started just making stuff up. No-one's noticed.

  • KeithHead of Camera

    Keith has the distinction of being Event Junkies’ first & longest serving employee. A triple threat of director, shooter and editor, Keith is a tech and travel nerd. He also enjoys eschewing all forms of social media. Not that he’s smug about it or anything.

  • JoeHead of Post-Production

    A seasoned editor across a wide variety of media, Joe runs the post team here at Event Junkies. His worryingly close relationship with his dog means he's an expert at picking up non-verbal cues from clients and knows what they want before they do. He is currently comfortably leading the race for most voluptuous beard on Team EJ.

  • PeterShooter | Head of Social

    Peter has directed and shot on an ever-expanding roster of Event Junkies projects. He has a great attention to detail, a creative eye that he brings to our social channels, as well as our portfolio of work, and an intuitive ear for the subtle impact of great sound design. Plus his vocal range is extremely impressive, as is apparently his skateboarding, but no one else can confirm this.

  • Laura BEditor | Social

    Laura is a key member of our post-production and social teams. She is the mistress of the ever-expanding EJ back catalogue and the Neo of our matrix of drives. She has also been known to sissy that walk, when she thinks no-one's looking.

  • JohnEditor | Motion GFX

    We found John on the doorstep of our former office in Baggot St & decided to keep him. As well as being an accomplished editor and acting as our graphics guru, we also sometimes let him out of the office where he’s a safe pair of hands with a camera and has no shame at karaoke.

  • Laura GAssistant Producer

    Laura G is a recent recruit to help wrangle the multi-headed EJ hydra after a career in reality television prepared her for all kinds of madness. She assures us it was in a strictly behind the scenes capacity but rumours persist she's in the running to replace Bressie in the big red chair. Even though her dislike of cheese is baffling, we like her anyway.

  • JarlathShooter | Editor

    Straight outta Swords, Jar joined the EJ team in 2015. Many projects have since benefitted from his unfailing enthusiasm, great shots and snazzy graphics. He's also our live-streaming guru. Easy to spot on any shoot, he’s the one in the T-shirt when everyone else is in their winter woolies.

  • NiallMotion GFX

    Niall and his impressive array of vintage zippies have recently joined Team EJ. After a stint in telly land he is now our in-house graphics guy & puts the A(wesome) into AFX. He has also contributed to our ever-growing vinyl collection so he's definitely a keeper, who's as comfortable on the decks as he is behind a keyboard.

  • DarraghAssistant Editor | Runner

    Darragh came to Hill St on a two week work experience stint and quickly made himself invaluable as an assistant editor, runner, nifty stills photographer and a strong candidate for the best dressed person in the office. A fully paid up member of the youth of today, we hope he doesn't forget us on his quest for world domination.

  • LukeShooter

    After surviving guerrilla training as a freelancer is the nascent days of Event Junkies, Luke entered
    an even tougher environment, Dáil Éireann. Using his mysterious accent as his most powerful tool,
    he escaped and joined Team EJ full-time.

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